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“Dancers seamlessly changing, leading and following, almost always improvising.
Movements borne of the new world with ancient roots in the Middle East, North Africa,
India and Spain. Music without boundaries. Simple folk tunes to modern club remixes.
Between the drumbeat and the heartbeat, Tribal is growing and evolving.”  (Lai Lee)
Belly Belly Hip is an ever evolving Tribal Style Belly Dance troupe. We have been dancing our own unique blend since 2001, one of the first Tribal troupes in Canada.  Belly Belly Hip formed when Tonje, returning from living in Portland (and training with Gypsy Caravan), discovered there were no other Tribal Style dancers in Vancouver at all.  She soon attracted a small group of like-minded individuals, and Belly Belly Hip was born! Shortly after, she returned to Portland to earn her teaching certification and then started teaching the first Tribal classes in Vancouver, with the aim of building a local Tribal community. To the same end she is also writing a regular column in SAHDA, the monthly newsletter of MEDA (Middle East Dance Association) titled "Tribal Page".

Starting in 2007 Tonje began training with Carolena Nericcio in ATS®; She has since become the first ATS® Sister Studio in Vancouver, committed to teaching the dance style in the spirit in which it was created. 

 SheShe is also a certified ATS® Sister Studio.

Belly Belly Hip has sponsored Carolena to teach in Vancouver several times and many of the current and former members have earned teaching certifications since.

When performing, Belly Belly Hip often draws from their student base depending on the size and type of venue. Students are given opportunities to dance in community events appropriate to their levels of skill and comfort.


Troupe Director



Tribal bellydance has given me a great
community of people I would never otherwise
meet. Both locally, among my troupe mates
and students, and across Canada and the US,
I have made great friends and attended amazing
events. Dance has gotten me through tough
times and given me wonderful, life-changing
experiences, challenging me to keep stretching
my expectations of myself and those around me.
Plus, I get to wear really, really cool stuff !!!










Troupe Members  

Belly Belly Hip performances consist of Tonje and a variety of invited guest performers and students.

As this is an improvised dance, no two performances are ever the same!